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Meet Yawar, a Vlogger from Srinagar who highlights Kashmir’s beauty

Meet Yawar, a Vlogger from Srinagar who highlights Kashmir’s beauty

Syed Rizwan Geelani

Srinagar, Feb 20: Yawar Wani, a 23-year-old Vlogger from Srinagar, began uploading random videos on social media sites with no ambitions of gaining fame within and outside Kashmir.

Hailing from Srinagar outskirts, Yawar Wani uploaded his maiden video on YouTube some three years ago which came as a shot in the arm for him as it earned viewership in millions, giving him recognition as a Vlogger.

Wani, who is presently pursuing his Bachelor’s degree from Bemina College was interested in singing and acting from his school days which always promoted him to participate in singing and other competitions.

“I started my channel on Youtube in 2016 but uploaded my maiden video in 2020. I intended to see the reactions of viewers. But I was surprised to see that the video earned 100k views in a short span of time,” Wani told Greater Kashmir.

Following this, Yawar Wani made his mind to turn towards social media and there was no looking back.

“I feel satisfied and it gives me peace to make people happy. I try to make people happy through my videos. My actions are loved and people get entertained,” he said.

Besides being a Vlogger, Yawar is also a good singer and a few of his singing videos have crossed one million views as well.

From a stage singer in school, Yawar Wani has earned a name and fame within and outside J&K and most of his videos on YouTube and Instagram have earned hits millions.

“Currently I have 1.90 lakh subscribers on my Youtube channel and 1.54 lakh followers on my Instagram page,” Wani said.

For Wani, who is now counted among the famous Vloggers, the journey was not a cakewalk for him.

“At the initial stage, I used to receive negative comments on my videos. It was disheartening for me but I did not give up. I continued to upload my Vlogs and entertain people,” Yawar Wani said.

“At times I decided to do away with Vlogging but my inner self would always encourage me to continue to show his talent till I was completely into it,” he said.

At some point of time, Yawar did not receive negative comments only on social media but he was also trolled by his relatives and friends as well.

“But it made me stronger and provoked me to prove them wrong because they thought uploading videos on the internet was not Vlogging but an act of waywardness,” Wani said.

With the passage of time, Yawar Wani believes that Vlogging gave him an identity and he earned a lot of respect and love from people through his Vlogs on Youtube and Instagram.

“I am a traveller as well and I use to engage people with my life through my Vlogs wherever I visit within and outside J&K. Vlogging gave me an identity as wherever I go people come to me and give me respect. They treat me well which always encourages me to continue to entertain my people,” he said.

He said being a content creator, he tries to promote all the places throughout Kashmir.

“Given the rise in unemployment, social media tools can be used to earn money by entertaining people. I believe Vlogging is an act of creating positivity among people. Those who have this art should come forward to showcase their talent and create positivity among people,” he said. Greater Kashmir

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