Airtel alerts customers , saying them not to pay attention towards such messages.

Airtel alerts customers , saying them not to pay attention towards such messages. 

Airtel alerts customers , saying them not to pay attention towards such messages. 

New Delhi Feb 14, 2021 :

Recently, Airtel, the telecom and DTH service provider, which came in the discussion due to the data leak of the users, has warned its users about the fraud happening in the name of the company. 

By sending a text message to its users of Airtel, it has been said that our company does not ask you for KYC details and any information related to Aadhaar.
Airtel also said that the company does not ask users to download any app for Airtel Digital TV nor to make any call for number verification. 

Airtel has advised the users to stay alert that if any such information is asked from you on an SMS or phone call, then ignore it or else you may be a victim of financial fraud.

What is Airtel Data Leak case
According to a report by IANS, Airtel users need to be cautious. 

According to a recent report, data of 26 lakh Airtel numbers has been leaked. 

It includes information like users' number, name, address, city, Aadhaar card number and gender. 

According to the report, data of at least 2.6 million or 26 lakh users of Jammu and Kashmir has been leaked. Which is being described as the handiwork of Pakistan's hackers. 

Who created new accounts to put data on public domain and sell bitcoin for $ 3500. 

A cyber security expert claimed this on Thursday.

According to the report, behind the data leak, there has been talk of ' TeamLeats ' hacking group. Which initially dumped data using a domain on the Internet. In 2018, a cyber cell of Delhi Police identified a Pakistan-based hacker group. Who had destroyed and hacked the Indian government websites. 

The hacking group was later identified as 'teamlites' acting at the behest of Pakistan's spy agency Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). Now again the name of this hacker group has surfaced.

Airtel cleaning An Airtel spokesperson said that there was no hack or breach of the Airtel system in any claim made by this group. 

" This group has been in contact with our security team for 15 months now and apart from posting inaccurate data from a specific region, it has made different claims," ​​the spokesperson told IANS. 

Earlier in a statement, Airtel had said that there has been no breach of data on their behalf in this matter.

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