JKSSB Class IV Examination Check how to fill OMR Sheet Correctly

JKSSB Class IV Examination Check how to fill OMR Sheet Correctly

Know everything about how to fill Jammu And Kashmir Service Selection Board JKSSB Correct Method To Fill OMR Sheet 

What is the OMR Sheet?

OMR Sheet (Optical Mark Reader) is a pre-printed paper security documents which contains bubbles, timing tracks sensors. Bubbles are filled circled by the candidates and timing tracks helps us to read the OMR Sheet. Mostly Each question contains 1 minute of time  Or 2,3 hours of time depends on the quantity of questions. Like 100 and 120 question exam contains 2 hours of time  and 150 and 180 Questions exam contains 3 hours of time, so its totally depend on the quantity of questions. 

Information required for OMR Sheet.

OMR Sheet with tick mark technology OMR Sheet for Exam contains the personal information of the candidate like Name,  Roll Number, Booklet number, Series If any,  Exam centre code,  Barcode/QR code and answers to be filled by the candidate. 

Tutorial To Fill JKSSB OMR Sheet?

Below we have added a sample OMR sheet correctly filled just look at this piece of OMR sheet to check how to fill and what details required to fill in JKSSB exam. Its just sample they might ask other details as well.

Firstly Fill your name in block letters after  first name put a dot in next box before writing your second and last name.

Now enter your roll number and Darken 🌑  the numbers given below also.

Now enter your Booklet number which you can see on your Question booklet Darken 🌑 numbers below.

Now enter your series if any available on Question Booklet Darken 🌑 Alphabet below

Now enter your Center number Which you can check on your admit card. Darken  🌑 Number below.

Now fill your Sign in the sign box given at the end of OMR sheet.

Now Darken 🌑 correct answer from given options ABCD.


1. Read all instructions carefully before filling the OMR Answer Sheet.

2. Write or Darken the circles with Black/Blue Ball Point Pen Only. Pencil and gel pen are NOT allowed.

3. Scratching Overwriting, Ticks and multiple answers will be treated as Incorrect and there will be a NEGATIVE MARKING of 0.25 marks for every wrong answer

4. Use of Electronic calculator, Mobile Phones, Scale and logarithm table are strictly prohibited.

5.  Do not fold the Answer sheet.

6. Rough work must not be done on the OMR sheet. Use the blank pages given at the end of the question booklet for rough work.

7.  Check the Roll No and Sign in the given space

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