Living in a one-room tin shed, Parveena shines in 10th exam

Living in a one-room tin shed, Parveena shines in 10th exam

Living in a one-room tin shed, Parveena shines in 10th exam

Ganderbal, February 27, 2021 :

A girl from an extremely poor family in Ganderbal passed her 10th examination with Grade A1.

Parveena Ayoub, daughter of Muhammad Ayoub of Kurhama Ganderbal secured 490 marks out of 500 and got Grade A1 despite hardships and struggle.

Talking to the Media, Parveena said that she had gone through a lot of hardships and struggle while continuing her studies as her family had no source of income.

Parveena belongs to a financially poor family whose father is a labourer and struggles to make ends meet.

Ayoub has to support a family of six including his four daughters and wife.

The family lives in a single-room tin shed.

“ In absence of any source of income, I couldn’t afford to go for private coaching or use internet. There was no option left for me other than going for self-study,” Parveena said breaking down in tears.

“ We don’t have a proper home. We live in a tin shed and I used to study during the night when my family members would go for sleep as we have only one room to live in,” she said.

Parveena said that her desire was to become a doctor but with the financial situation of her family it seemed an impossible thing.

“ I request the administration and the government to please support me so that I can continue my studies,” she said.

Parveena was a student of the Government Higher Secondary School Kurhama.

Parveena’s father, Muhammad Ayoub said that the family was very happy and proud of their daughter for passing the 10th class exams with flying colours.

“ Whatever she has achieved is because of her hard work and support of the teachers,” he said.

Ayoub said that he hardly manages to earn livelihood and faces a lot of difficulty to make ends meet.

Incharge Principal Government Higher Secondary School Kurhama, Riyaz Ahmed said that the entire school was proud of Parveena’s achievement.

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