DPS student Maleeha Zehra wins $70,000 scholarship

DPS student Maleeha Zehra wins $70,000 scholarship


Maleeha Zehra, a class 12th student has got a scholarship worth US$70,000 in Georgetown Washington University, School of Foreign Service in Qatar.

“I was always interested in politics. Given the situation in Kashmir, I wanted to do in depth study in the subject,” says the elated student.  Student of DPS Srinagar, Maleeha was preparing the scholarship from the past two years. However, back to back lockdowns were playing a spoilsport in her efforts to achieve success.

After the schools remained closed for most of the time in the last year due to Covid-19 pandemic, Maleeha decided to consult her teachers, school counselor and even her seniors who are studying abroad.

She was trying for a scholarship in many universities, but was not getting what she was looking for.

“I applied to many universities. I even got accepted at Hult International Business School, London. But it was not a full scholarship, so I declined their offer for admission.” 

Then she came to know about Georgetown University and the scholarship it offers from her school seniors who are already studying in the university. 

She applied there and received her acceptance letter in March this year and the scholarship letter a month later in April. 

“I decided to enroll because of the subjects and the scholarship the university was offering,” says Maleeha.

Speaking about her family, Maleeha says, “I grew up in a joint family. It has helped me value my relations and people around me.”

 Maleeha thinks every person (friends or family) has had an impact on her and it is her relationship with these persons that has built her personality. 

“Every individual I grew up with has made an impact in my life. However, my elder brother has been the strongest influence in my life. Besides, he has always supported me in whatever, I ever thought to do or did,” she says.

 “My parents and younger sister have always been my support. They have always taught me to follow the path of truth and work hard, as it always pays off”.

She wants to come back to and serve the people of Kashmir. Maleeha is interested in writing about the human rights violations around the world.

 “My friends describe me as a positive and hardworking person and that encourages me to improve on everything and be a better version of myself.”

Maleeha dreams to end poverty from the world and make the world a more peaceful place to live in. “I dream of a world where everyone will be equal and where the minority population does not suffer due to the growing “majoritarianism and polarization.”

 Maleeha wants to thank her school, the teachers, and the counselor for always helping and guiding her, especially Ms. Shazia Fida who has helped her throughout the application process. 

 “I think my only accomplishment is that I have made my parents and school proud.”

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