Afghan students at JNU seek VISA extension

Afghan students at JNU seek VISA extension

Afghan students at JNU seek VISA extension

With Afghanistan's current situation, around 22 Afghan students studying in JNU want to extend their visas through academic courses, as they don't want to go back to their country.

22 students from Afghanistan studying at Jawaharlal Nehru University, JNU, want to extend their visas through academic courses. 

These students are not willing to go back to their country because of the current war-like situation. The visa limit for most of these foreign students will be over by December. 

However, with the situation turning volatile in Afghanistan, they don't wait to go back. Instead, they want to extend their visa through academic courses such as Ph.D.

" For a war-torn country like Afghanistan, most of the people are extensively unemployed and trying to escape from either death or captivity. Arranging a 'hefty fee' seems impossible." said Afghan students in JNU, as reported by ANI.

" Situation is extremely critical there. I am hoping that the administration will understand our situation and extend my visa permit. Also, PhD in JNU is highly expensive for foreign nationals, and for poor families that are certainly not the possible way out. 

However, at present, I really don't know what to do," said Jalaluddin, a JNU student.

Shafiq Sultan, a student of International Relations and Area studies at JNU said, " My visa will get over by December 31. 

I was a government employee before I came here to study. I am sure if I go back they will capture me. 

My family is staying in the area captured by the Taliban and I have been unable to contact them for the last one and a half weeks. The tension is scaling up, we definitely need help."

On August 14, JNU released a press note stating that " Some Afghan students of JNU have requested the JNU administration to facilitate their return to the Campus. 

As the University has remained closed as per the latest Circular issued by the DDMA, Govt. of NCT, Delhi, this matter is currently being looked into."

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