NEET Result 2021 to be Delayed as Plea filed in Supreme Court seeking Exam Cancellation due to Paper Leak

NEET Result 2021 to be Delayed as Plea filed in Supreme Court seeking Exam Cancellation due to Paper Leak

NEET Result 2021 to be Delayed as Plea filed in Supreme Court seeking Exam Cancellation due to Paper Leak

NEET UG 2021 Cancellation Plea in SC : The chapter around NEET 2021 Medical entrance exam keeps getting murkier, as a new petition has been filed before apex court seeking its cancellation. 

Amid allegation of paper leaks and cheating, a plea has been filed in Supreme Court seeking cancellation of the NEET UG medical entrance exam which was held on 12th Sept 2021. 

The petition filed before the court seeks cancellation of the entrance test that was organized by NTA earlier in the month and has sought directions from the court for conducting a fresh exam. 

The petition has been filed on the grounds of alleged paper leak conspiracy that came to light after the examination.

NEET Result 2021 Likely to be Delayed

With the medical entrance exam again being thrown under the judicial purview, the declaration of the NEET UG 2021 Results is likely to be delayed again. 

The writ petition has been filed before the apex court by various aspirants, demanding a re-exam as the earlier paper was ‘possibly leaked’. 

The petition says that the initial investigations have proved that the medical entrance exam was ‘irreversibly vitiated’ due to use of fraudulent means. 

Therefore, in the interest of genuine and deserving candidates, a fresh exam is being sought.

The petition has also asked NTA to respond to the same asking the agency to respond to the challenge of exam cancellation. 

The testing agency is expected to submit an affidavit this week detailing reasons as to why the exam should not be cancelled and conducted again. 

Furthermore, the petition also asks CBI and state police departments of various states where the paper leak case was caught to submit detailed fact-finding reports before the court.

Will NEET 2021 be cancelled ?

With the latest 
development with regards to NEET 2021 exam, the question that is on every medical aspirant’s mind is that will NEET 2021 Exam be cancelled ? To put it simply, at this stage, it is too early to say anything with conformity. 

As the writ petition has been filed recently, the same would be submitted before a bench of Supreme Court. 

In case the SC bench chooses to dismiss it, then it would have no impact on exam or NEET Result 2021.

However, in case the SC bench decides to accept the plea and consider its merit, and then this would make NEET 2021 exam sub judice or a matter under under judicial consideration and therefore prohibited from public discussion elsewhere. This would delay the declaration of NEET Result 2021. 

Then during the court of hearing, NTA will present its case and if it is able to share ‘irrevocable proof’ that showcases that the sanctity of the paper was not disturbed and the cases of cheating were independent incidents, then the paper would not be cancelled. 

On the other hand, if NTA fails to do so, then the SC might decide to cancel the exam based on the proof submitted by CBI and the state police agencies.

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