Students Allegations of Not Conducting Exam and Ruining their Future Baseless : Department of Law, Kashmir University

Students Allegations  of Not Conducting Exam and Ruining their Future Baseless : Department of Law, Kashmir University

Students Allegations  of Not Conducting Exam and Ruining their Future Baseless : Department of Law, Kashmir University

The students of 5 year B.A. L.L.B. whose degrees are halted due to backlogs had alleged that the Law department of Kashmir University was not conducting their exams, putting their careers at stake.

The students demanded a special exam for backlogs which had put their degrees on halt.

They had written an application, in this regard, to the HOD Law department, a copy of which lies with The Kashmiriyat. 

The application, written by the “ex-students of the aforesaid department” stated that most of the students were facing issues in the “end results of 1st to 10th semesters.”

Further, the application stated that the applicants had almost completed their degree, but from semester 1 to 10, some of the students had a backlog in “one or more than one subject.”

Since no special exam had been conducted for the B.A. L.L.B. batch 2015, the applicants requested the H.O.D. to hold “special exam of the aforesaid semesters so that students can complete their degrees and can continue the study abroad.”

Speaking to The Kashmiriyat over the phone, a student wishing anonymity said that their degrees were stuck because exams were not being conducted. 

“ We have been addressing the department to address the issue since 7 months but to no avail,” said the student.

“ This is put our careers in a grave situation as we are ineligible for any job because our graduation is still incomplete,” the student said, adding that the Law Department was playing with their future.

Another student, speaking to The Kashmiriyat, expressed that the Law Department should take some action for the students grievances so that they are able to apply for admissions in other colleges to pursue education without wastage of their time and putting their future in uncertainty.

The Department of Law Kashmir University, on the other hand, claimed that these allegations were baseless and said that the department had already conducted all the exams.

The Kashmiriyat spoke to Dr. Beauty Banday, HOD Law department, University of Kashmir, in this regard, and she told us that the department had already conducted all exams in the month of July.

“ We will be conducting exams for current semesters and in the meantime they (students of batch 2015 who allege exams were not being conducting) can also give their exams smoothly for their remaining subjects,” she said.

The Department of Law has also claimed to have documentation proof of all these exams.

While speaking to The Kashmiriyat, Dr. Mohammed Yaseen Wani, Coordinator and Assistant Professor, Department of Law, said that they had the date sheets, exams forms to prove that the allegations made by the students were baseless.

“ We have already conducted exams in the month of July. How is it possible to conduct another exam only after 2 months? We have an exam pattern,” he told The Kashmiriyat.

Wani said that these could be the students who had faced technical problems while submitting papers.

“ We are like their parents. How can we ruin their future?” Wani said, showing resentment over the allegations.

“ We have tried our level best to conduct each exam on time, be it during the Covid-19 pandemic or the 2019 shutdown,” Wani added.

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