Cold wave heats up demand for Kangri In Kashmir

Cold wave heats up demand for Kangri In Kashmir

Cold wave heats up demand for Kangri In Kashmir

Srinagar, Nov 05 : As winter descends on Kashmir Valley, there has been a rise in the demand for traditional fire pots known as 'kangris'.
Across the markets in Srinagar, huge piles of the pots or ‘kangris’ are a common sight and for vendors, the cold snap has meant a wave of customers.

Kangri sellers said their sales have soared with the temperatures remaining low. "There is presently good demand for the kangris," said a shopkeeper.

Ghulam Muhammad from Budgam said : "An ordinary Kangri in market is being sold at Rs 400 around this time. The price is quite unreasonable if you compare it with the rates that were prevalent three weeks ago”.
According to consumers the demand for Kangris has increased manifold in the past few weeks. "The traders are taking undue advantage of the prevailing cold wave in Kashmir. And, then there seems nobody to check the arbitrary price hikes in the market," they complained.

Rafeeqa from Dalgate said: "Every year Kangri sellers fix the rates according to their own choice. It is the responsibility of the government to fix the rates and not to put common people to inconvenience," she said.

According to some consumers this happens almost every year. "It is not this year alone. If you see last year, whenever it rains or snows, the sellers increase the rate," said a consumer.

However, sellers added that not just anyone can make a kangri. It needs skill, labour and local craftsmanship. Twigs are collected from deciduous shrubs, scraped and peeled and go through a process of soaking, drying, dying and are finally woven around the bowl-shaped earthenware decorated with colorful thread.

Ghulam Nabi a Kangri seller at the Dargah Hazratbal, one of the busiest place in the vicinity of the Srinagar city said that Kangri has became a popular handicraft. Besides heating purposes, it is used as a decoration item in drawing rooms. "Its colour, intricate designing, convoluted wicker work attract tourists.

Pertinently, despite intrusion of modern gadgets, Kangri still holds its position.

“ What Laila was on Majnoon’s bosom (famous lovers) so is the Kanger to a Kashmiri”, Ghulam Nabi added. 

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