Class 11th Science Paper’s irks Students

Class 11th Science Paper’s irks Students

Class 11th Science Paper’s irks Students

Srinagar, Dec 30 : Miscalculation of Marks and irregularities has Created disturbance and Confusion among Medical Students of Class 11th.

Scores of Students alleged that the Papers were full of irregularities and Confusion Board While Drafting Question Paper has not considered.

Biology Paper of 11th was not set according to Mark’s distribution as per Syllabus and instead of 10 Marks to 14 Marks Were set to the Said Question which was against the Procedure & setup.

Similarly Histology in Zoology was accorded 7 Mark’s but in the paper only 5 marks were given, Plant kingdom and morphology was accorded 9 Marks in the syllabus but in the Question paper only 8 marks were given.

While as in Diversity of life in Botany was having 8 marks as per Syllabus but in the question paper only 7 marks were found.

Similar irregularities were found also in chemistry paper held on 18th November.

Students added that this needs to be checked and students may be given some grace Mark’s as for a student even point 1 Mark’s mean a lot.

Students have requested higher Authorities to look in the matter and do justice with the students at an earliest. (CNS)

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