PSAJK Said Controversial Content in books will not be tolerated anyway

PSAJK Said Controversial Content in books will not be tolerated anyway

PSAJK Said Controversial Content in books will not be tolerated anyway

Nearly 4 out of 5 books already banned, full scrutiny of content of books in process

Srinagar, Dec 24 : Private Schools’ Association Jammu and Kashmir Friday condemned the ‘controversial content in some books’ saying that it will not compromise on quality education especially the curriculum followed by various schools across Jammu and Kashmir.

The PSAJK President GN Var said in a statement to GNS that “The association strongly condemns all the controversial content in some books that has surfaced in a while now.”

“ PSAJK has already constituted a committee to check the content of all books being taught in private schools and so far the committee has identified five books having controversial content out of which four books have been banned till date. 

PSAJK hails the support given by J&K Board of School Education in this regard by acting quickly in order to stop such undesirable publishing”, as per the statement.

Strongly condemning ‘the act of creating a state of turbulence in a peaceful society by negligently recommending books with controversial matter’, Var said that the association, immediately after getting information about the issue, constituted a high level committee headed by renowned academician Khurshid Bismil in order to check all the books and identify the controversial content if any.

The committee, as per the statement, has so far identified five books with undesirable matter published and four out of these have been banned by the association and also by the BOSE.

Var besides appreciating the quick action of BOSE authorities especially its Chairperson for banning all such books recommended by the association also thanked the publishers of Jammu and Kashmir for their support in identifying such unwanted and indecent matter.

“ The academic committee of PSAJK is already on job and it is hoped that in near future all the content published in books taught in schools will be scrutinized and recommendations will be submitted to BOSE and the Government for action accordingly and requests the school owners to go through the content of books before utilizing in their curriculum”, the statement concluded. 

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