5 Years Old Boy Invents A Unique Bottle Design, Receives Patent

5 Years Old Boy Invents A Unique Bottle Design, Receives Patent

5 Years Old Boy Invents A Unique Bottle Design, Receives Patent

Indore (MP) : A 5-year-old boy in the city, Yatharth Jain is the youngest boy in the country to have registered a patent for his invention.

Yatharth has invented a unique convenient bottle design and his work has been registered as a patent by the Government of India. 

The bottle is especially designed for the use of sportspersons and travellers. 

It is designed on the physics concept of ‘controlled pressure’ and the aim is to provide spill proof bottles to users.

According to reports, the bottle is made of soft & safe plastic and there is a tap on the top of the bottle. In order to use the bottle, the users have to open the tap and squeeze the bottle to let the water come out of the bottle. 

The water supply would be continued till the bottle was squeezed and as soon as the squeeze pressure is released the water supply will be stopped. One had to put pressure then only water would be released.

Yatharth is a student of Upper KG at the Mini Heights School, Indore. He lives with his mother Dr. Charul Jain. 

She is a head of department of School of Interdisciplinary Sciences at a private university in Indore.

Yatharth's mother also holds three international copyrights and is an IPR practitioner.

Apart from the invention, Yatharth said that he helped to relieve the back-ache and headache of his mother, his nanaji and naniji.

He is fond of gardening. Since early age, he has a habit of waking up at 7:00 AM. He waters his plants every morning and trims them every Sunday with help of his mother. 

He has grown 4 varieties of chillies in his home : Red Bell pepper, Yellow Bell pepper, Cherry Bomb pepper and African Devil (which we call Peri-Peri chillies).

He is passionate about keeping the city neat and clean. Yatharth is concerned for the birds and animals.

Yatharth’s mother says that she is proud of him and she considers him to be the happiness of her life by saying “Mere Jeewan ka Yatharth”.

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