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Girl From Srinagar Pens Down Book

Girl From Srinagar Pens Down Book

Girl From Srinagar Pens Down Book

Srinagar : Fearless Flower, a book by a student Sabreena Yaseen of Natipora was released during an event here.

Sabeena recently appeared in her Class 10 examination.

Her book carries a portion of poetry and another portion on descriptive writing wherein she has penned downed her experience with ups and downs of life.

My writing, I am more focused on teenage, challenges and suggest teenagers to spend their time with families and remain focussed on building educational careers,” Sabreena told Greater Kashmir on the sidelines of the event. 

“ Circumstances i faced and observations of other teenagers prompted me to pen down the poems. Be it a person or any situation, it touched my heart, provoked thoughts in me. I tried to shape those thoughts in writing,” she said. 

She recalls her different stages of adolescence and has narrated the same by applying the technique “Stream of consciousness”. 

“ The book contains certain elements of prose and poetry as well. I have written about the difficult phases of teenage, and how important it is to tackle with them in the right manner,” she said. 

She has thoroughly mentioned how necessary it is, to be under the supervision and guidance of our parents and elders. 

“ I request to the parents, guardians, elders and siblings out there, to understand their children and youngsters,” she said. 

“ My parents and my teachers have always been supportive and encouraged me. It is all because of their support that I am able to balance my studies and my writings,” she said.

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