Karnataka Hijab Controversy : College Girls Adamant On Their Demand

Karnataka Hijab Controversy : College Girls Adamant On Their Demand

Karnataka Hijab Controversy : College Girls Adamant On Their Demand

Karnataka : Six girl students of Government Women's College in Udupi district of Karnataka have refused to accept the suggestion of the College Development Committee. 

The committee has asked the girl students that if they want to wear hijab in class, then they can take the option of online class. 

The girl students have boycotted the class for four weeks after the college authorities refused to allow them to wear the hijab inside the classroom.

Students protesting in Udupi on Thursday told a press conference that wearing hijab is their constitutional right and they do not want to attend online classes. 

It is discriminatory. Asked about other girls from the community coming to the class without hijab, she said that the girls are not coming forward because of the difficulties they will face. He said that both education and rights are equally important.

About ten days ago, Karnataka's Popular Front of India's state general secretary, Nasir Pasha had alleged that the colleges here were creating unnecessary controversy over the issue of hijab (headscarf) which also violates religious freedom of Muslims. 

Popular Front of India's Karnataka state general secretary Nasir Pasha issued a statement regarding the prevailing hijab controversies in various colleges in the state, saying that some colleges are creating unwarranted controversy over the subject of headscarves and violating fundamental, religious freedom of Muslims. Huh.

Nasir Pasha had alleged that 6 students from the Muslim community were denied admission in classes at the Government PU College in Udupi and were forced to sit outside because they were wearing scarves. 

He also alleged that some students of Pompeii College in Mangaluru's Eikla came to the college wearing saffron shawls and demanded a ban on headscarves. 

Pasha said a similar controversy was fabricated at the Government First Class College, Koppa, Chikmagalur.

Pasha further added that in fact, dress codes are essentially enforced only up to SSLC. 

When there is no such mandatory dress code in PU or degree colleges, to say that headscarf is not allowed is a false argument. 

Pasha said that it is also a highly unfair move by the college principal to deny admission to the classes by the students wearing head scarves.

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