Schools Reopened in Winter Zone After 2 Years

Schools Reopened in Winter Zone After 2 Years

Schools Reopened in Winter Zone After 2 Years

Parents unwilling to send unvaccinated students to attend offline classes

Jammu : As the educational institutions have opened in Jammu region, the attendance of students in schools remains thin amid growing worries among the parents about their children who have not been vaccinated.

The offline classes for the students of 9th class upto 12th class resumed in Jammu region after 2 years.

However, the attendance of the students remained thin though the COVID-19 positive cases have dropped.

Even as the schools would become fully functional with the resumption of all offline classes from February 21, 2022, the parents have expressed their concern over the safety of their children as minor children have not been vaccinated.

One of the parents, whose daughters study in a reputed private schools of Jammu district, resented the decision to compel the unvaccinated minor children to attend classes as a part of offline classes.

Sushma Khajuria, whose one daughter, being a minor child is unvaccinated, said, “Will it be safe for the children under-15 years to attend physical classes? The government has not introduced any vaccination for the minor children. I think parents may not be willing to compromise the safety of their children.”

Khajuria said that the government must re-think on the resumption of offline classes for children under 15 years of age until vaccination is introduced and all children are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. 

“ How will the schools ensure COVID Appropriate Behaviour for the minor students? Compelling the children under 15 years to attend classes will put their lives at risk and it is not acceptable to the parents,” she said. “Not every child falling in the age group of 15 to 17 years has been vaccinated. My elder daughter got her second dose today. Does that mean that everyone is vaccinated?”

Naaz Bukhari, another parent, said, “COVID-19 has not gone completely. It is changing into deadly variants. Minor children cannot wear facemasks or keep themselves safe from COVID-19 as they are not mature enough. The government should ensure that the safety is not compromised with regard to minor children.”

Gopal Dass, another parent, said that “The schools have issued date sheets for holding final examinations of the students through online mode. Is it viable for the students to physically appear for the examination even as they attend online classes? It will put the students to unnecessary mental stress.”

He said that the schools should hold the examination online as per the schedule without creating extra mental stress on the students and the classes for students under 15 years should not be held.

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