Students Need Much More Than Routine Classwork

Students Need Much More Than Routine Classwork

Students Need Much More Than Routine Classwork

Over these two years all the spheres of human activity have suffered. Some more, some less. But none has escaped the adverse impact of the situation that engulfed us after the virus struck us.

But one of the most impacted spheres is the school education.

This sector has seen almost a complete ruin. Though the academic part of it has functioned in an online mode, if we strictly speak about the class work and conduct of exams, but that is not all about schooling.

The students need much more than routine classwork. The sports activities that the schools used to conduct is an integral part of education.

It makes our children learn the lessons of life. It teaches them how to discipline oneself, how to focus on a target, how to work as a team, and how to lead a team to success. It also teaches our young ones how to stand firm in the face of a temporary defeat.

As schools continue to remain closed, this practical education is denied to our students. Not only this, sports also relaxes these young minds. Since it is a common experience that younger ones are a store house of energy and if this energy remains under-utilised it brings lots of stress to these tender, fresh, and energetic minds.

Same is the case with other co-curricular activities. They bring the latent talent in our students out, and help them in expressing themselves. This again has a huge positive psychological effect on these young minds.

With this channel of expression also blocked, the chances of our students getting stressed, and hence prone to some negative influences on mind, are getting higher. Looking at these things, our administration needs to take a wholistic view on this matter.

Besides, the experience of other states in India, and also how different governments in the world have thought through this problem, needs to be taken into account.

Once this Omicron wave breaks, the concerned departments must do some serious thinking on this issue, and take all stakeholders into confidence, before taking any decision.(GreaterKashmir) 

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