Why Medical Universities in Ukraine Attract Indian Students in Big Numbers

Why Medical Universities in Ukraine Attract Indian Students in Big Numbers

Why Medical Universities in Ukraine Attract Indian Students in Big Numbers

Why Medical Universities in Ukraine Attract Indian Students in Big Numbers

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has led to panic and fear in the hearts of thousands of parents in India as their children are left stranded in a country where air raid sirens are being sounded out and bombs and missiles are being dropped by the Russian forces.

The situation became even more precarious when India's efforts to evacuate its citizens from the conflict zone suffered a major jolt after Ukraine closed its airspace.

Let’s try to understand why Ukraine has such a big number of Indian students studying medicine, what are the advantages of studying in Ukraine and what is happening to them right now.

Indian students in Ukraine

Ukraine's ministry of education and science reported that in 2020, 24 per cent of its overseas students were from India.

The top 10 countries of origin of international students in Ukraine are India, Morocco, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Nigeria, China, Turkey, Egypt, Israel and Uzbekistan.

The Indian Embassy in Ukraine states that currently there are more than 18,000 students studying medical or engineering in the country.

It has been reported that the most sought-after medical school in Ukraine is Kharkiv National Medical University, situated around 480 km from capital Kyiv.

Notably, Kharkiv was one of the first places where Russia launched its attack.

Why medicine in Ukraine?

As mentioned earlier, most of the Indian students in Ukraine study medicine.

Quartz India reports that for students struggling to secure seats in government colleges or pay the high fees at private institutions in India, Ukrainian medical colleges are a boon. The colleges in Ukraine are cheaper — fees for MBBS in Ukraine can vary from $3,500 to $5000 (Rs 2.65 lakh to Rs 3.8 lakh) per year which is affordable for the Indian students — and the education standards are high.

Reports state that Ukraine ranks fourth in Europe for having the largest number of graduate and post-graduate specialisations in the field of medicine.

Also, all of its universities are accredited by the World Health Organization and UNESCO. Apart from this, Ukrainian medical degrees are also recognised by Pakistan Medical and Dental Council, European Council of Medicine and General Medical Council of the United Kingdom.

Another reason why Indian students opt for Ukraine to study medicine is that they aren't required to clear any entrance test to get admission to medical universities.

Students also say that as the medium language of instruction is English, it is easy for them and they don’t have to worry about learning a foreign language, which they would have to if it was another country.

What’s their current condition?

Students in Ukraine allege that they have been left stranded and without any help since the attacks by Russia.

On Thursday, several of them made desperate appeals to the government to facilitate their safe return.

Several of the students are now taking shelter in metro stations, as they could serve as bomb shelters.

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