500/500 Understanding the New Evaluation System

500/500 Understanding the New Evaluation System

500/500 Understanding the New Evaluation System

Authorities need to revisit the BOSE mechanism of awarding marks to create an enabling environment for students to excel in real sense

Over a period of time a new system of evaluation of answer scripts of class 10th and class 12th students by JK Board of School Education (BOSE) has ruffled many feathers with awarding of 100 percent marks to the students in their annual examinations.

This year again, the JK Board surprised people as over a dozen students were awarded 100 percent marks - 500 out of 500.

Around 15 students were awarded 100 percent marks in their annual 2021 class 10th exam which created a debate over the mode of evaluation adopted by the JK Board.

The subject experts and other stakeholders have raised concern over the trend saying that the present of evaluation gives a sense of perfection to the students and apparently leaves no scope of improvement.

The academicians opine that scoring 100 percent marks in Mathematics, Physics or Accountancy and other similar subjects was possible. But awarding 100 percent marks to students in language subjects like English, Urdu, Hindi and other subjects has made even subject experts anxious.

In the past, the students from primary to high school level would not get 100 percent marks in language subjects despite attempting 100 percent marks. One mark was deducted in language subjects by default.

But the new trend has left the educationists confused who desire to know the curious case of 'perfection'.

One cannot limit the aspirations of the students and bar them to seek perfection. But then seeking perfection is not a cake walk. Students getting 500 out of 500 marks in a Board exam can be an outstanding achievement and one can say that the students securing 100 percent marks could be exceptionally brilliant and genius.

But it has raised a concern as it makes a teenage student a perfectionist which may give rise to overconfidence among these students, and which at any point of time may prove disastrous for these students.

A perception has been built that JK Board has changed the mode of evaluation for awarding full marks to the students. But there is another side of the story which needs to be understood by all.(GreaterKashmir) 

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