Students Of Desh Bhagat University Temporarily Suspend Protest : JKSA

Students Of Desh Bhagat University Temporarily Suspend Protest : JKSA

Students Of Desh Bhagat University Temporarily Suspend Protest : JKSA

Srinagar : Students of paramedical courses at Desh Bhagat University (DBU) belonging to JKUT have “temporarily suspended” their protest following a formal “on record” assurance from the university addressed to SDM Amloh, who had intervened in the issue after intense protests rocked the campus.

In a letter (number 20221 Spl DBU Reg 2) addressed to SDM concerned, DBU has assured its full cooperation into addressing the issues of students.

The university administration quoted various circulars, orders from Indian Nursing Council (INC) and judgements of Hon’ble Madras High Court (WP 2962, 2965 of 2019 and WMP no’s 3232,03235 of 31/01/2019) and Supreme Court (SLP-C 32603 of 2017; Para 6) to substantiate their claims of following due process of law in matters pertaining to registration and conduct of classwork of their nursing school & affiliated college.

The orders quoted also nullify the role of INC as registering body for paramedical courses and vest powers of registration and allocation of degrees to state paramedical councils. Besides, the judgement of Hon’ble Supreme permits pan India validation of paramedical degrees obtained through state registered paramedical institutes.

The protests had broken out after the students alleged that the university had unilaterally and without consultations transferred their admissions to an affiliated college which, per students, was “not” registered with INC. Following interventions from senior administrative officers and the Jammu Kashmir Students association (JKSA), the students submitted a 10 point representation to DBU.

The students in their representation addressed to the Vice-Chancellor of DBU, had sought a series of clarifications on matters of what, students called “grave concern”.

The students have primarily sought valid online copies of the suitability report from INC for successive academic sessions of 2019, 2020 and 2021 in which INC has allocated more seats to DBU school of nursing.

“The students have also demanded that DBU and its affiliated school of nursing in question follow the National midwifery commission act 2020,” said Lone Danish who is an Additional spokesperson of JKSA and camping at university since the onset of protest.

“This is not merely a representation to the university in question only but, the students have appealed the administration & newly formed Punjab government, through SDM to check the validity and operational status of nursing schools and colleges affiliated to DBU,” added Lone.

Coordinator Desh Baghat University Aadil Dar voiced similar concerns. “Hard-earned money of their parents is at stake, we are therefore going to request, through RTI applications, data from National Academic Accreditation Council (NAAC) and PNRC where accreditation of Sardar Lal Singh College is mentioned”.

“In the backdrop of circular being issued by Jammu Kashmir Paramedical Council & GMC Srinagar JKUT which has put “on hold” the degree and diploma certification of DBU for alleged flouting of norms, the students in their representation have demanded that there should be no lackadaisical approach from DBU in following the guidelines of JKPMC in letter and spirit,” said National spokesperson of JKSA Nasir Khuehami who also slammed the silence of mainstream political parties on this issue.

“See how serious and sensitive are these political parties in issues concerning students. Their job is only restricted to addressing rallies and doing photo ops,” exclaimed Nasir.

“We are very clear on this issue from day one. DBU should fulfil in a time-bound manner the points of concern raised by students. If they fail to do so and students approach us again, JKSA won’t hesitate to pursue the matter at the highest administrative & judicial levels.

The students have “temporarily suspended” the protest and we are closely monitoring the necessary actions that DBU is going to take in the backdrop of this incident.

“Besides, we are in touch with the JKUT administration and newly formed government in Punjab over the issue. In case we find any loopholes, we will act without delay. Our job as a students association is clear and defined. We can’t let students suffer & leave them at their mercy,” added Nasir Khuehami.(KashmirLife) 

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