No mass transfers, stick to need based postings : Admn to all top officials

No mass transfers, stick to need based postings : Admn to all top officials

No mass transfers, stick to need based postings : Admn to all top officials

‘Efficiency should be major criteria, not two years’

It shouldn’t become source of corruption

JAMMU, Apr 29 : In a major employee and people -friendly decision, the Jammu and Kashmir administration has asked all Administrative Secretaries, Head of Departments (HoDs) and other concerned authorities not to indulge in mass transfers and stick to need based postings with a view to improve efficiency.

Official sources told the Excelsior that the directions were aimed at averting frequent transfers which posed threat of running “transfer industry” and becoming “source of corruption”. Top brass in the administration wants complete transparency to be followed in the transfers.

“ A direction has gone to all Administrative Secretaries, HoDs and all other concerned authorities that the transfers should be strictly “need based”. 

There should be no mass transfers,” sources said.
They added that purpose of transfers should be to increase efficiency in the administration and that transfers shouldn’t be done merely for the sake of shifting officers from one place to another.

“ Transfers should be clearly aimed at ensuring efficiency in the administration, improvement in work culture and ensuring people-friendly working,” sources said.

Another significant direction pertaining to the transfers is not sticking to “two years deadline”.

Sources said if an officer is working on a particular post for two years and performing well, it’s not necessary that he should be transferred just for the fact that he has completed two years on a particular post.

“ The tenure can extend till three years,” they added.
As per the sources, the idea behind new directions is to ensure that transfers shouldn’t become an industry.

“ It shouldn’t become a source of corruption,” sources said.
The directions will be applicable in all Government departments,” they added.

As per the sources, some complaints had been pouring in from different departments that some of the officers were indulging in mass transfers which don’t serve any administrative purpose.

New directions, according to them, will curb “unhealthy practices” also though there were no major complaints to this effect except some departments.

Sources expressed confidence that new directions by the administration will go a long way in ensuring transparency and accountability in the Government offices and will also be helpful for the Government officers/officials.

“ Common man will benefit out of the new arrangement,” they said.
The Government officers/officials have also been directed by the administration to take all possible people-friendly measures and ensure that grievances of the people are not only heard but addressed.

“ This should be a regular practice. Complaints shouldn’t pour in from the people that they are not being attended upon or their grievances are not addressed,” sources said.

They pointed out that Transfer Policy which is in place and duly issuesd by the administration will remain in place. Some of the new directions are part and parcel of the Government Policy but some of the Administrative Secretaries, HoDs and other concerned authorities chose to ignore them.

“ The new directions will make sure that the perfect Transfer Policy is in place and strictly adhered to,” sources said and expressed confidence that the directions will work for betterment of the officers/officials as well as the common man.(By Daily Excelsior)

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