In Four Years, Kashur Kalakar Videos’ Recorded 100 Million Views

In Four Years, Kashur Kalakar Videos’ Recorded 100 Million Views

In Four Years, Kashur Kalakar Videos’ Recorded 100 Million Views

Srinagar : It was March 2018 when 26 years old Sopore boy created a Facebook page for entertainment purpose. In around four years now, Mudasir Farooq, a mixed media proficient, has turned into a social media sensation as Kashur Kalakar in valley.

After completing his graduation in Mass Communication and Multimedia, Mudasir did diploma in film making from a Punjab university in 2016. He worked for NDTV and some other reputed media organizations for some time. Mudasir with his team are now new household name as Kashur Kalakar.

Starting the Youtube channel in March 2018 as an entertainment source for people of Kashmir now became the commonly recognized name for every Kashmiri. 

A new video per day has become prime entertainment source for locals. From a couple of subscribers to silver Button the team worked hard to earn nearly h350 thousand subscribers and almost one million followers on Facebook.

“From spending own pocket money to good earnings we did it all,” Mudasir said. Any ordinary individual would experience the ill effects of gloom by regular tension, anxiety and depression.Attempting to track down a clever fix to individual’s hopelessness, Mudasir called a few of his school companions for ideas and backing, yet entirely nobody turned up.

“Days after I requested my four neighbouring friends to take part in my first video, they agreed and the journey started,” Mudasir said. His channel vidfeos have a cummlativly more than 100 million views ever since it was launched.

The channel specializes in satire based on the region’s social, political issues. “They are promoting Kashmiri culture the language and life style,” a social media user Mohammad Ashraf said.

The channel team includes Mudasir Farooq (director/camera /editor), Junaid Parvaiz, Showkat Parvaiz, Aatif Mohammad and Najmul Saqib, all actors.

The group of kalakars figures out the core issues in the society and prepare script on-set “We try to keep all aspects and sensitivity of society in mind before shooting videos so that it may not hurt anyone’s sentiment,” Junaid Parvaiz said, “Our main aim is to wipe the tears of our people,” he added.

Apart from comedy the team is creating job opportunities for actors, video editors and script writers. “There are work opportunities in every field but you have to be very hardworking and honest, we hire full time as well contributors to work with us,” Showkat Parvaiz said.(KashmirLife) 

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