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Viral Video : Pakistani TikToker Sets Forest On Fire

Viral Video : Pakistani TikToker Sets Forest On Fire

Viral Video : Pakistani TikToker Sets Forest On Fire

Pakistani social media figure slammed by the users for posting a TikTok video. by the users for posting a TikTok video. The young TikTok influencer posted a short video posing in front of a forest fire that was deliberately put for the purpose of the video filming

A popular Pakistani social media figure with millions of followers was slammed. Her video was sponsored by a Pakistani clothing brand.

The TikToker Humaira Asghar can be seen walking playfully in a white gown in front of a burning hillside with the caption: “Fire erupts wherever I am.”

The short clip which received backlash has since been taken down. Asghar said in a statement released by an assistant that she did not start the fire and there was “no harm in making videos”.

“ She should have been holding a bucket of water to extinguish the fire instead of glamorising it,” says Rina Saeed Khan Satti, an environmental activist and chairperson of the Islamabad Wildlife Management Board, as quoted by Daily Pakistan.

After this video of forest fire emerged, people on the internet were visibly fuming over the violation of environmental norms.”Sheer ignorance and madness,” said one comment under Asghar’s video on TikTok, as reported by ANI.

A user on Twitter said, “One can at least block her on social media platforms if the authorities don’t do anything.”Another person said, “Government should make sure that culprits are punished and the TikToker along with the brand should be penalised.”

Pakistan is the eighth-most vulnerable country to extreme weather caused by climate change, according to the Global Climate Risk Index.

Experts say there is ignorance among the Pakistani population about environmental issues. Forest fires are common from April to July due to high temperatures and slash-and-burn farming.

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