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Asia Cup 2022 unlikely to not be played in Sri Lanka- Reports

Asia Cup 2022 unlikely to not be played in Sri Lanka- Reports

Asia Cup 2022 unlikely to not be played in Sri Lanka- Reports

Sri Lanka was set to host the Asia Cup 2022 but the political unrest in the country might be a big problem

Asia Cup 2022, which is believed to be played in Sri Lanka, might be needed to move to the United Arab Emirates. Last month, Sri Lanka Cricket reportedly wanted to host the event after they successfully hosted Australia for the multi-format series. 

However, the current situation has changed. Even though the protestors haven’t hampered the cricket, the president of the country had to flee.

Currently, the cricket board is hosting Pakistan for the two-match Test series. However, given the current situation, the board is not confident enough to host the multi-nation tournament. 

Chief executive Ashley de Silva has said that hosting two teams is very different from hosting multiple teams. He pointed out that the team buses would need fuel which is scarce in Sri Lanka.

De Silva also pointed out that the sponsors would also need transport and profits from the event. The chief executive spoke about the need for fuel for using generators for the floodlights. 

He added that the tourists would want to travel for India-Pakistan matches but the current situation might lead them not to arrive in the island country.

“ Hosting two teams is not the same as hosting ten teams,” SLC chief executive officer Ashley de Silva told ESPNcricinfo on Sunday. 

“ You have to provide ten buses with fuel for all of them. You have to give every team a luggage van with fuel, and transport for the managers. 

You also have to give the sponsors transport and ensure that they are getting the mileage that they want from their sponsorship. The fuel for the generators to run the floodlights will also have to be found.”

“ There are also two India vs Pakistan matches, and there will be people who want to travel and watch those matches. People might not be happy to travel to Sri Lanka because of the situation.” de Silva said.

The schedule for the tournament is set to be announced on July 22.

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