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Google launches Startup School India, targets 10,000 startups in small cities

Google launches Startup School India, targets 10,000 startups in small cities

Google launches Startup School India, targets 10,000 startups in small cities

Google launches Startup School India, targets 10,000 startups in small cities

Google has launched the Startup School India initiative which seeks to assist and train 10,000 startups in small cities.

Google launched the Startup School India initiative today, July 6, which aims to gather relevant information on startup building into a systematic curriculum to help 10,000 startups in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities.

The nine-week virtual programme will involve fireside chats between Google leaders and collaborators from across the startup ecosystem.


Topics covered will include fintech, language, social media and networking, job search, and business-to-business and business-to-consumer e-commerce.

An effective product strategy, product user value, designing apps for the next billion users in markets like India, and user acquisition are just a few of the other topics covered in the curriculum's instructional modules.

"Aimed at early stage founders with a minimum viable product, the programme provides the flexibility of a virtual curriculum and allows attendees to pick and choose the modules they'd like to tune in for," a blogpost by Google said.

Additionally, there will be chances for entrepreneurs to learn from talks about what makes a successful founder, formalising recruiting, and other important factors.


India is the third-largest startup hub in the world with close to 70,000 firms.

As more Indian entrepreneurs successfully take their businesses public or achieve unicorn status, it has produced a positive feedback loop whereby their success stories have fueled aspirations among young Indians all around the nation.

Promising companies are proliferating in hubs like Jaipur, Indore, Gorakhpur, and other areas, not just in bigger cities like Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai, or Hyderabad.

In fact, at the moment, these make up close to 50% of all recognised startups in India.


Despite India's large number of startups, 90% of startups fail during the first five years of operation.

Typically, this is due to the same major issues: uncontrolled financial burn, inaccurate demand projections, inefficient feedback loops, or a lack of leadership.

The most recent initiative acknowledges this gap and the necessity for programmes that can compile acquired information into a structured curriculum and disseminate it over a large geographic area.

"Startup School India a Google for Startups initiative is designed to do precisely that as we align our efforts to support this expansion," the company said in a blogpost.

According to Google, Indian entrepreneurs have amassed a lot of institutional knowledge, and one of the community's defining traditions has been information sharing, which enables others to learn more quickly, avoid common pitfalls, and adopt practical growth techniques.

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