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Change of session in schools

Why is session-change becoming an obsession with every government


It is with utter disappointment that we bring through this medium the plight of students from Kashmir division who are left in a dilemma because government is contemplating a change in the academic session from October/ November to March /April. Such changes in the session were attempted earlier also but did not work and authorities had to revert back to the October/November session.

Let it be clear that students have already finished two thirds of the session and are due for exams in a month or two. Any change in session at this time will disturb students especially of class 10th and 12th and affect their performance in forthcoming exams.

Students of class 12th who are due for exams would get a few months break to prepare for their national level exams like NEET. With March session they won’t get that time.

If, as the government says, students will have March session from this year then children who have been promoted to their respective higher classes in October last year will be in the same class for six to 8 months more which means a straight loss of 6-8 months which will affect the psyche of children badly.

The exams for March session are never held in time as weather during March is rainy and snowy compared to October-November when it is relatively dry. The frequent postponement of exams can extend the session beyond April.

In harsh winter the schools are mostly off and children happily enjoy their new class with new books in winter. Holding exams in March-April deprives them of this opportunity. The question arises that sessions are not changed in any other state or UT -why only in Kashmir?

Session change means 6-8 month loss for students; why is this punishment being inflicted on the already underprivileged children of Kashmir who lose time every now and then.

In Europe and US there are two sessions; one is spring another in fall. Because the climate there is much like Kashmir. Let this concept be started so that all those who are interested in Spring session can go ahead with that and those interested in Fall session can go ahead with that.

We request the government to reconsider the decision of having March session in the school of Kashmir.(Greater Kashmir)

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are the personal opinions of the author.

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