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Earthquakes unpredictable; none can predict its intensity, timing: Experts

Earthquakes unpredictable; none can predict its intensity, timing: Experts

39 foreshocks witnessed in surrounding areas of Doda in 2013, but no major earthquake occurred; no need to panic, rather people should make themselves aware’

Srinagar, Aug 27: Stating that there was nothing to worry over the frequent earthquakes in Jammu and Kashmir, the experts here on Saturday said that no one can predict the timing and intensity of the earthquake.

Professor Shakeel Ahmad Romoshoo, a Geologist, who is current Vice Chancellor of Islamic University of Sciences and Technology (IUST), while talking to the news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO) said that there is no mechanism available to predict the position, magnitude or timing of the earthquake.

“The places where back to back earthquakes are being reported in the past 6-7 days have also witnessed 39 back to back foreshocks in the year 2013 and even one among them was measuring 6, but there was no major earthquake then after,” Romshoo said.

He further added that Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh are very vulnerable from an earthquake point of view, but it is not possible that foreshocks will lead to a major earthquake.

However, he said that keeping in view the vulnerable area from an earthquake point of view, the people should take long term measures like houses, schools, hospitals and other places should be made earthquake resistant for which everybody has to play a role.

Assistant Professor, Rakesh Chandra, who currently works at the Department of Earth Sciences, University of Kashmir, said that it is a fact that a lot of energy is accumulated below the Kashmir Himalayas, which is the outcome of Kangra earthquake in 1905 and Muzaffarabad earthquake in 2007. “The energy below Kashmir Himalayas will get released through earthquakes only, but no one can predict the timing and intensity of the earthquake.

“There are chances of energy release through earthquake, but it can be low intensity or major also, which is a natural process, whatever it is inside, it has to come out,” he said, adding that nobody can predict when the earthquake is going to occur.

About the frequent earthquakes, he said that it is good that the energy is released without any harm to the property as well as the life. “Instead of having major earthquakes, it is better to witness low intensity jolts for the release of energy. There is nothing to worry about earthquakes, it is a natural phenomena. I just want to appeal people that they should get aware about the earthquake rather to be panic,” he said—(KNO)

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