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KU Law students resent hasty syllabus completion

KU Law students resent hasty syllabus completion

KU Law students resent hasty syllabus completion

Grievances will be considered on merits : Controller Examinations

Srinagar, Aug 09 : The 3rd semester LLB students of Kashmir University (KU) on Tuesday accused the department of “forcing them for hasty completion of syllabus”, leaving them in a state of despair.

The distressed students said their examination is scheduled from August 12 and they were told in the beginning of session to prepare only 50 percent of the chapters in Law and Literature subject - Part-A (BLB 301C).

" However, as the exams are approaching, we were told to prepare 100 percent syllabus of the subject that too within four days. We have been asked to complete the rest of the chapters ourselves," an aggrieved student said.

Notably, the KU departmental exams were earlier conducted by the concerned department but the KU authorities recently handed over the task to the controller of the examination in the varsity after some complaints.

"Now that the exams are being conducted directly by controller examination and not by our concerned department, our professor has directed us to complete the rest of the syllabus in span of four days," the dejected students complained to Greater Kashmir.

Besides the law department of KU, the students of the KU affiliated Law colleges are sailing in the same boat.

"Though we tried to contact our concerned teacher and the rest of the faculty members but to no avail. We are subjected to mental torture. Only few days are left and we are in depression," the student said.

Notably, sources said that during previous practice, most of the concerned teachers or professors would teach half of the syllabus and would set the question paper from the same portion leaving out the rest of the chapters.

"It was done by teachers to have more leisure time in the department and would never complete the whole syllabus," the source said.

However, after the conduct of examination was handed over to the controller examination, "That is why the students are now complaining of hasty completion of syllabus," the sources said.

The Controller examination in KU, Dr Majid Zamaan when contacted said the grievance of the aggrieved students will be looked into "on merits."

"We will take care of issue in the larger interest of the students," he said.

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