What makes you tastier to mosquitoes?

What makes you tastier to mosquitoes?

Some people are more attractive to mosquitoes than others. Here are some factors that make you more delicious to them.


Yellow fever mosquitoes, a common mosquito species, fly toward specific colours, including red, orange, black and cyan, while ignoring other colours like green, purple, blue and white

Source: The University of Washington

Blood type

Mosquitoes are more drawn to Type O blood than other blood groups, according to an article published in the Smithsonian Magazine. Those who have blood Type B are the second preferred, while A types come last on mosquitoes' preference list

Body odour

Human odorants are attractive to mosquitos. Compounds like lactic acid and ammonia, which are expelled via your sweat, whet mosquitoes' appetite

Carbon dioxide

Mosquitoes can smell CO2. When you exhale more carbon dioxide during activities like exercise, you become an easy target for mosquitoes as they can follow the CO2 trail

Source: The University of Washington


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