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J&K Govt sacks six absent doctors, lets off 11 others with rider

J&K Govt sacks six absent doctors, lets off 11 others with rider

The J&K Government on Thursday terminated six doctors for services for remaining unauthorizedly absent while let off eleven others subject to them tendering a bond undertaking, among others, to serve J&K for at least five years.

According to an order issued by Secretary Health and Medical Education Department, Bhupinder Kumar, the doctors had been served with notices, allowing them an opportunity of resuming services.

“However the doctors neither replied to final notice nor reported back for duties except Dr Ubaid Ali who after completion of course had signed compulsory bond with the Karnataka government till January 2023 without any intimidation to the Health and medical Education department,” reads the order.

The order further reads, "The cases of the doctors have been examined thoroughly in the department in view of the rule position governing the subject and it has been found that since these doctors have not resumed their duties despite notices to them, this act on their part is a voluntary act and they are liable to eb discharged from services.”

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