South Kashmir Boy Baba Mahir Has written Six Books

South Kashmir Boy Baba Mahir Has written Six Books

Baba Got inspired by Molana Tariq Jameel and Dr israr.

Baba mahir Nineteen year old student from k kalan area of Tehsil Bijibehara in south kashmirs Anantnag District has written Six books and presently continues his journey of writing books .

Baba completes his bachelors degree (Bsc) From Government Degree college Bijibehara; Now got admission in oslo norway for masters degree in zoology . While speaking With kashmir crown Baba Said :I thought of writing in 2016, at that time my grandfather was alive, Then my grandfather passed away from this world due to which I could not support myself for two years and then from 2018 I started writing.So far I have published six books and three books are unpublished.

Among the books I have written is the biography of Khalid Bin Waleed, prophet muhammed (Peace be upon him),Four caliphs of islam ,mahatma Gandhi and other two are Hijab and Behind the mountains .Regarding the biography I have written about Khalid Bin Waleed, the most important thing for me is that lessons from this book has been taught to seventh grade students in Turkey.;He Added

He further added; I have been inspired by Maulana Tariq Jameel and Dr. Israr. It was 2016; when I was sitting with my grandfather and he told me that you are going to Darasgah as well as to school ,write something for the sake of the society .After that I was greatly influenced by the lectures of Maulana Tariq Jameel and Dr. Asrar and I started writing.

Baba said; Compared to Kashmir, if we talk about foreign countries, Like America, my books are currently being sold there, my books are also available on Amazon.This is my message to the youth to give up wrong deeds and start doing good deeds.My message to those who want to write books is to believe first and look to those who inspired them and go ahead with dedication .

He added; Teacher supervision is very important when a teacher keeps his hands on the student's head only then he can succeed. Teacher is the spiritual father of the students.Many books have been written for beloveds or worldly love, now we should write for the betterment of the society with positive intentions . (Kashmir Crown) reports

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