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Teachers Can Apply In This School Only After Solving The Maths Equation

Teachers Can Apply In This School Only After Solving The Maths Equation

The job advertisement for a maths teacher has created a lot of buzz on Twitter. Oh, and, it has also attracted Harsh Goenka’s attention.

It is safe to say that employers have become creative with their job ads. And now, a job posting for a maths teacher at a school has gone viral on the Internet. The intriguing advertisement demonstrates how the company used it in the initial round of interviews. In this viral post, job seekers can qualify only if they fit certain criteria. So much so that the viral job ad has attracted Harsh Goenka’s attention.

The Chairperson of the RPG Group has shared a brief poster with four lines. This announcement stands out because it doesn’t include any number to call. In the post, an equation has been used in place of a contact number, so anyone wishing to apply must first solve the problem. Sharing the post on Twitter, Goenka wrote, “Saw this ad with a smiley emoji".

Take a look at the job opportunity below:


The tweet amassed over 1.7 million views ever since it was shared online. Several social media users went on to solve the equation.

A user wrote, “Answer is “9428163811". That’s the 10-digit mobile number to call. Manually self-solved myself. No calculator, no help, no check, nothing else. In quick time as I just saw your tweet. Prize Money at least please award me, Sir".


Another quipped, “Feel like there’s a high probability I’d call the wrong school lol".

“It would take me a year to apply," read a comment.

Previously, a man announced a job vacancy for a bike instructor in a newspaper and it gained a lot of attention on social media. He stated that he required a bike instructor, but that the individual “must be courteous and not a Gemini." 

His application in the newspaper read, “My name is Pravinbhai Sudani, and I need to learn how to ride a bike. He must be considerate since I would have asked my father to teach me if I wanted to be embarrassed. 

He shouldn’t have a Gemini sign because they are careless. If he likes anime, we can also talk about Naruto. It’s a Jawa Bobber, my bike. I earned it by playing bid blast on the CRED store, so please don’t demand fake money". Take a look at the tweet below.

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