Three books written by a Student from a remote area of ​​South Kashmir

Three books written by a Student from a remote area of ​​South Kashmir

One of the three books has been honored by the Star Book of world Records

Kulgam : Suhail ibn Shahnawaz Nineteen year old Student ,wrote three books after twelfth . Suhail hails from a remote area khuull noorabad of South kashmirs kulgam District .

After passing the 12th standard, Suhail stopped his studies for the time being and turned his attention to books And has managed to write three books so far.

Speaking to Kashmiri crown, Suhail said that I have had a good relationship with physics till class 12th and I found that the students who are associated with medical suffer from depression, on which I have written the first book, "Own The Wisdom".In this book, I put the topic of what is depression and how many types of depression are there and I have also written the solution in this book. This is my book which has been honored by the Star Book of World Records .

He further said ; That I was more associated with physics, then I wrote other book based on poetry " The Soldier " and in that I talked about time ,travel etc .After that i wrote "The God theory of universe" In which I Researched about Extraterrestrial species,Gravity ,Travel ,Time and black holes .

I helped myself first, then my family helped me and my best friend also helped me .The youth who have the ability to write should use it in a positive way because there are many writers who write only about beloveds ,they should give it up and use their writing for the betterment of the society in a positive way; He Added.

The mind of the people of Kashmir has become that the students of Kashmir will not be able to do anything universally.I think the people of Kashmir should change their mind and believe that the youth of Kashmir can do anything;He further added.(Kashmir Crown) reports

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