Three Brothers Divorced Their Wives Together, Know The Reason

Three Brothers Divorced Their Wives Together, Know The Reason

New Delhi: A shocking case has come to light from Algeria where three brothers divorced their wives simultaneously. The decision of divorce was not taken in months, but within a minute all three decided to leave their wives. Actually, the wives of all the three brothers did not take care of their sick old mother. 

According to a report, the women did not take care of the mother-in-law and did not even take care of her food and drink. The incident took place when the three brothers reached home from work and saw a neighbor’s woman giving bath to their ailing old mother. 

The wives of all three were missing from there. Seeing this, the three brothers got very angry and called their wives and within a minute all the three divorced their wives and ended their marriage. 

It has been told in the report that the old woman was looked after by her daughter. The daughter used to visit him twice a week and used to bathe him and feed him, but in the meanwhile her husband was diagnosed with cancer after which she could not come to her mother.

The absence of her daughter added to the difficulties for the old woman. The three sons had told their wives to take care of their mother until their sister came, but it is being told that the three wives refused to take care of their mother-in-law and then one day the three brothers killed their wives. Divorced. (tezzbuzz) reports

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