YouTubers will be able to earn money from Shorts soon, everything you need to know

YouTubers will be able to earn money from Shorts soon, everything you need to know

Now, YouTubers will be able to earn money from YouTube Shorts just like YouTube long-form Videos. Here is how the new revenue policy by YouTube will work.

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YouTube will start monetization for Shorts.
YouTube Shorts revenue sharing will start from February 1.
Currently, Google rewards content creators for Shorts from YouTube Shorts Fund.


More money is coming for you if you create content on YouTube as Google is finally rolling out a monetization option for YoutTube Shorts. The tech giant last year promised to offer monetization options to content creators who make short video content. And finally sticking to the promise, Google is rolling out revenue sharing on YouTube Shorts from February 2023.

Google in its recent blog post announced that starting February 1, 2023, YouTube content creators who have signed up as monetizing partners will be able to earn money from the ads played between YouTube shorts. "Monetizing partners will be able to earn money from ads that are viewed between videos in the Shorts Feed. This new revenue-sharing model will replace the YouTube Shorts Fund," reads the blog post.

Notably, the new revenue model for YouTube Shorts will replace the YouTube Shorts Fund. Currently, the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) is used to reward creators for short videos. Under this fund system, the online video-sharing platform dedicated a fund of $100M million for creators to recognize their creative, original Shorts to build a YouTube community.

Meanwhile, the new policy to monetize Shorts is coming as part of a new update of YouTube's Partner Program. Under this, content creators who have already signed partner program contract agreements will have to sign new agreement terms, acknowledging whether they want to make money from YouTube Shorts or not.

Once the new revenue-sharing model is effective, content creators will be able to monetize their short videos and earn money from Ads just like the revenue they earn from long-form videos.

Google further stressed that in order to become a monetizing partner on YouTube, the content creators will need to accept the Shorts Monetization Module. This module cites terms which allow content creators to earn money on YouTube from ads, YouTube Premium in the Shorts Feed. To accept the module, desired creators have to accept the terms after February 1, 2023.

Shorts ad revenue sharing will apply to your channel's eligible Shorts views starting on the date you accept. Shorts views accrued prior to accepting the Shorts Monetization Module are not eligible for Shorts ad revenue sharing," the blog post further reads.

Interestingly, the new revenue model of YouTube will directly strike its short video content rival TikTok. YouTube which is constantly trying and testing things with its Shorts has been facing neck-to-neck competition with TikTok. However, by sharing the ad revenue directly with content creators- which TikTok does not follow- will help the Google-owned platform attract more content creators resulting in more engagement. (India Today) reports

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