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Bandipora girl to represent J&K in Jiu-Jitsu championship in Thailand

Bandipora girl to represent J&K in Jiu-Jitsu championship in Thailand

Bandipora, Feb 19: As she got selected for Thailand Jiu-Jitsu championship, Sabkat Malik was labelled as "star idol" of martial arts sports by her coach Muzaffer Ahmad. 

Hailing from Vijhara, a remote area of the district Bandipora, 9 times national player and Gold Medallist, Sabkat, after beating Delhi and Punjab in her semi-finals got selected for Thailand Jiu-Jitsu championship. 

Sabkat's achievement at the national level got her an entry to the World Championship, to be held in Thailand this month. She will be the first Kashmiri girl to be selected for the championship.

"I feel gratitude when I see myself getting selected for the International championship in the game which is more or less a new sport for the athletes of Kashmir", Sabkat said.

A decade ago, when Sabkat was in class 6, she started participating in the game and joined a local academy that tutors the local boys and girls in martial arts. 

Her coach and mentor in this valiant sport, Muzaffer Ahmad feels proud of the girl. He says the girl despite facing stereotypes and regression in the game, she never looked back. It has been an unforgettable moment for him when he listened to the news of Sabkat's selection in the championship. 

Muzaffer has been coaching the Sabkat for 10 years in an academy where there was nothing more than thorns and stones. 

"It's truly stimulating to hear about Sabkat's journey and her achievements. Remarkably, she was able to overcome the odds and stereotypes to become a national champion and a Golden Medallist competing in the Thailand Finals. It's a testament to her hard work and dedication towards the sport," Muzaffer said. 

"I hope that Sabkat continues to excel in her sport and inspires more young women to pursue their dreams, regardless of any societal barriers. I wish her all the best for her upcoming competition in Thailand, and I'm sure she will make the nation proud with her performance," Muzaffer said.

He will be departing with the girl to Thailand where the championship is going to be held. Rising Kashmir

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