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Budgam kickboxing champion does it all

Budgam kickboxing champion does it all

From a labourer to national champion
BUDGAM: To meet the requirements for her schooling and other necessities of life , Zamrooda Bano had no hesitation ín working as a labourer at a tender age. Despite struggling through distressing phases in her life, no hurdle seemed big enough to stop her from becoming a kickboxing champion.
Zamrooda has proved her mettle by winning several gold medals at state and national level games.
Beating all odds, a little girl from a humble family background has become an inspiration for others. 24-year-old girl, Zamrooda Bano, from HazarporaAripathan village in central Kashmir's Budgam district, has carved her name as a champion of kickboxing after she won gold medal at the national level games held at Delhi. 
By overcoming set-backs of posed by her life. Zamroda has set an example for others to follow.
While talking to Rising Kashmir, Zamrooda Bano said , "after I completed my class 12th at Government Girls Higher Secondary School Magam, I left my education as my family could not afford my fees and other expenses. I come from a very poor family."  
 "My father is a specially abled person, he is not able to do any work. "So, our financial position always remained grim," Bano said.
She said during her school when she was a small girl.she would work as a labourer during the walnut season in Kashmir. 
" I would spend the amount that I earned through the walnut labour on my educational purposes, as there was no one else in our family who could provide proper financial support for my studies," Zamrooda said.
"For the past three years, I have been associated with sports. "This is the field where I am seeking a place for my future and career. I have won two gold medals at the state levels in two games of Jiu-Jitsu and Taekwondo," Bano said. "I have also won gold medals at the national level in different games , which include Kempo, Sayokan, Karate, and Kickboxing." she further added.
She said that due to the nonavailability of proper equipment and proper space at her home.She was not able to practice her game properly. "Since I could not practice kickboxing due to lack of proper space at my home I have learned these games from YouTube, youtube is from where i have learned these games. Due to financial crisis in my family, I did not join any sports academies where I could practise on a daily basis so I could receive proper training in sports activities."
"I have always had an ambition of becoming a police officer." So I can work for the welfare of my place and country. Due to the prevalent financial crises in my family, I have become helpless and hopeless. I want to achieve something in life and aspire to become a police officer one day," Zamrooda added.
While all her friends and schoolmates continue with their education, Zamrooda left her studies ha;fwat due to several constraints. However her never die attitude has kept hopes and strength alive within her.
"A few days back, I won a gold medal in the National Kickboxing Championship at Delhi, and I also received the trophy in the National Level Championship," Zamrooda Bano added.
Adding ," Though I was not able to contínue my studies, I want to see myself shine in the sports field. I request the Jammu and Kashmir government to provide me with proper support. So, I can contribute to sports for my country." (Rising Kashmir)

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