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Meet Husaib Rashid: J&K's First merging Portrait and Pointillism Artist

Meet Husaib Rashid: J&K's First merging Portrait and Pointillism Artist

Meet Husaib Rashid, the 19-year-old portrait and pointillism artist from Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, who has emerged as the first-ever emerging artist in the field of portrait and pointillism art. Hailing from Bemina in Srinagar, Husaib is a student of Old Higher Secondary Jawahar Nagar and is passionate about his love for nature and art.

Since the age of five, Husaib has been sketching and painting, and over time, he has developed his skills to become a master at portrait and pointillism art. His love for art has been evident since his school days, where he actively participated in art exhibits.

Despite his passion for art, Husaib is also a dedicated student who aims to become a successful businessman. He is representing Kashmir on the world stage while pursuing his love for art. Husaib's work is a reflection of his soul, and he finds peace in every piece of art he creates.

Husaib's art is a unique blend of portrait and pointillism, where he creates intricate images by using small, distinct dots. His art captures the essence of his subjects, and every portrait he creates tells a story. Husaib's talent has earned him recognition and admiration from art enthusiasts worldwide.

As an emerging artist from Jammu and Kashmir, Husaib Rashid is making waves in the world of art, and his unique talent is putting Kashmir on the global map. He is an inspiration to young artists, and his work is a testament to the power of passion and dedication.

>>> With inputs from Husaib Rashid Dar from Bemina Srinagar. 

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