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Rescuers find more alive in Turkey on 8th day of earthquake

Rescuers find more alive in Turkey on 8th day of earthquake

The desperate search for earthquake survivors in Turkey and Syria entered its final hours Monday as rescuers using sniffer dogs and thermal cameras surveyed pulverized apartment blocks for any sign of life a week after the disaster

UN appeals for nearly $400 mn for Syria quake victims

The United Nations launched an appeal for $397 million on Tuesday to help earthquake victims in Syria, where the disaster has killed thousands of people and left millions more in desperate need of aid. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, announcing the appeal at the UN headquarters in New York, said the funds would bring "life-saving relief" for nearly five million Syrians and would cover a period of three months.

Nearly 9 million Syrians affected by last week's earthquake: UN

Nearly 9 million people in Syria were affected by last weeks' devastating earthquake that hit both Syria and Turkey, the United Nations said in a statement on Tuesday as it launched a $400 million funding appeal to help the situation there. "Humanitarian agencies will need $397.6 million to respond to the most pressing humanitarian needs over the next three months.", the statement added.

Six pulled from the rubble as survivors leave Turkey quake zone

Six survivors were rescued from the rubble in Turkey on Tuesday, eight days after a devastating earthquake, as the focus shifts to helping those who survived find shelter, food or a haven elsewhere.

Earthquake drone footage shows depth of destruction in Turkish town

Drone footage in the southern Turkish city of Kahramanmaras showed the devastation caused by the earthquake, collapsing dozens of buildings and forcing hundreds of families to live in tents erected in a stadium in freezing temperatures.Empty buildings with their walls ripped open showed the power of the earthquake last week that devastated the city, close to the epicentre of the tremor that struck southern Turkey and Syria.Two images, taken in 2020 and again after the earthquake, highlighted the trail of destruction in the city, with many houses turned to rubble. However, some apartment blocks survived with apparently minor damage, such as cracked walls.

Struggle to get aid to Turkey and Syria after massive quake

Aid agencies and governments stepped up a scramble Tuesday to send help to parts of Turkey and Syria devastated by an earthquake, but a week after the disaster many complained they still were struggling to meet basic needs, like finding shelter from the bitter cold. The situation was particularly desperate in Syria, where a 12-year civil war has complicated relief efforts and meant days of wrangling over how to even move aid into the country, let alone distribute it. Some people there who lost their homes said they have received nothing. In Turkey, meanwhile, several families crowded into tents meant for just one.

A woman rescued from rubble in Turkey 203 hours after quake

A woman was rescued from the rubble of a building in the southern Turkish city of Hatay on Tuesday, some 203 hours after a devastating earthquake struck the region, Turkish media reported. Earlier reports said the rescued person was a man, but later state broadcaster TRT reported a woman was pulled out from under the rubble in the city.

Survivors leave earthquake zone in Turkey, focus turns to homeless Survivors leave earthquake zone in Turkey, focus turns to homeless

Survivors joined a mass exodus from earthquake-hit zones in Turkey on Tuesday, some leaving their homes with little hope of coming back or seeing loved ones pulled away from the rubble, at a time when some of the rescue operations are pulling out. The disaster, with a combined death toll in Turkey and neighbouring Syria now exceeding 37,000, has devastated whole cities in both countries, leaving survivors homeless in the bitter cold, at times sleeping on piles of rubble.

More than 7 mn children affected by Turkey-Syria quake: UN

More than seven million children have been affected by the massive earthquake and a major aftershock that devastated Turkey and Syria last week, the United Nations said Tuesday, voicing fear that "many thousands" more had died. "In Turkey, the total number of children living in the 10 provinces hit by the two earthquakes was 4.6 million children. In Syria, 2.5 million children are affected," James Elder, spokesman for the UN children's agency Unicef, told reporters in Geneva.

WHO says Turkey quake Europe's worst natural disaster in 'a century'

Turkey to suspend some gold imports

Turkey will suspend some gold imports as part of an emergency plan to mitigate the economic fallout from two earthquakes that hit the country's southern region last week, Bloomberg News reported on Tuesday, citing an official with direct knowledge of the matter.

Rescuers find more alive in Turkey on 8th day of quake

Rescuers on Tuesday were working to reach people under the rubble in three provinces hit hard by the devastating quakes that hit Turkey and Syria last Monday. The death toll from the magnitude 7.8 and 7.5 quakes that struck nine hours apart on Feb. 6 in southeastern Turkey and northern Syria passed 35,000, and was certain to increase as search teams find more bodies.

Turkish authorities to announce steps to lessen earthquake's market impact

Turkish authorities are taking steps to protect financial markets from the impact of the massive earthquake that hit southern Turkey last week, two sources said on Tuesday. "Regulations have been prepared to lessen the impact of the earthquake on markets. Announcements will be made on Tuesday or Wednesday," an official familiar with the issue said.

Over 13 million affected across 10 provinces in Turkey

The quakes affected over 13 million people affected across 10 provinces including Hatay, Gaziantep, Adiyaman, Malatya, Adana, Diyarbakir, Kilis, Osmaniye and Sanliurfa.

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