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Success story of a KAS Officer. Must Read, It will definitely encourage You

Success  story of a KAS Officer. Must Read, It will definitely encourage You

I see a lot of people confessing about love, heart breaks, life, etc. I want to confess something else. I joined a private engineering college. It was away from home. I was quite introvert and was ragged a hell lot. A belt was tied around neck I was made to roam around the college on my first day. 

When I complained to my dad on phone, he thrashed me saying that I was a loser and wasting his hard earned money (he hoped that I was in government engineering college like NIT). I got a very low percentage in my first semester because i was pressurised by my dad to study for AIEEE and state entrance exam again. I got a severe thrashing from him again however, fortunately, my mom somehow rescued me. In second semester I mustered up enough courage to propose to my best friend but she rejected me because in her words - "She didn't wanted to be ridiculed by her friends". 

She stopped talking to me since then. I was heartbroken as she and my mom were the only people I shared everything with. During the 4th semester break, while I was at hostel, I got a phone call informing me that my mom had expired. My world came crashing down that day. I cried for months; yet somehow managed to pick myself up as I had no other alternative. Life goes on. My attendance fell very low that semester and I was summoned by the principal.

When I told him about my mother's death he replied -"I hear this lie everyday. Please bring me your mother's the death certificate, if you even have one". Then again while I was leaving he said - "No need to bring death certificate, useless guys like you can even fake that. Call your dad". My friends always ridiculed me because I was loser. I didn't laugh at their jokes. It was the campus placements day. I got rejected that day again. Hoped to make it to the next company. But was unsuccessful till the end of the placement season. I tried a lot. Attended English speaking classes (my English was horrible; probably still is), bought a new pair of shirts. 

When my dad heard this he told me not to call again and this time I didn't feel remorse or regret for him. For the entire night I contemplated about suicide but couldn't as I had promised my mom that I will shine one day. After few months I got a job. I didn't last for 3 months because I couldn't lick my boss's boots properly. My service was terminated because of being inefficient. I came back to home. I started preparing for government jobs. My father was not talking to me. Anyone who can understand my hardships and circumstances will realize that I had no other option. Neither I could go for a private jobs as the salary was very low nor I could start a business as I had no money for it. I went for the option I was left with: worked hard on studies. Today I am a KAS officer. I am thankful to my circumstances and hardships through which I have evolved and curved progress. Now that I am an officer my character has been be put to the test and that is a proof for me to see what kind of man I am. I don't know how to thank Allah for his blessings. I thank that senior who ragged me on my first day at college, that girl who dumped me, my professors who ridiculed me, the numerous friends who thought that I was a loser. It were those people who gave me the courage, the fire, the anger to succeed against all odds. Seriously no hard feelings guys. You made me what I am. My advise to all youngsters- Shine in life. When a loser like me can, why cant you? Never let people say that you can't do it. Many people might have faced similar or more depressing situations in life but NEVER EVER gave up. 

Let not a broken relationship, failed grade, lost job opportunity or your status among friends define you. And never lose faith in Allah, humanity; in goodness. There might be a few bad people, but there are a lot more good people around here.

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