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10 year old boy from South Kashmir village Develops A Low-Cost Egg Incubator

10 year old boy from South Kashmir village Develops A Low-Cost Egg Incubator

Kulgam:- 25 Mar :- Momin Ishaq Teeli, a 10-year-old boy from the Munad Guffan area of south Kashmir’s kulgam district has developed a low-cost portable egg incubator to benefit the poultry sector in the area.

Momin Ishaq Teeli, a class 2nd student at Government High School Munad, was inquisitive since childhood to know why scores of coloured chicks were available in the market. 

It is pertinent to mention here that an Incubator houses eggs in a warm temperature when a hen starts brooding. The incubators are is usually expensive and large in size but Teeli's incubator is portable and cost’s very low.

The incubator can hatch about 50 eggs at one time. It provides a suitable temperature of 37.5 degrees required for hatching and takes 18 days for the whole process to complete.

He said that till now, no company has approached them for making the incubators at a large scale but they are still making sure that the product should be available in the market for the convenience of people.

However, Momin's journey for building the incubator wasn’t smooth. It was three years ago when he started working on the idea of making a portable egg incubator. He persevered and a year later, he started getting positive results leading to the incubator becoming functional in the current year.

“An egg incubator requires a continuous power supply for nearly 3 weeks to complete the whole process. But considering the electricity curtailment schedules in Kashmir, I faced various problems. I nearly dropped the idea,” Momin said.

Momin said that he wants his egg incubator to help the local poultry industry to flourish which witnesses challenges during winters. 

Source: Voice Of Kulgam

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