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17 years old Kulgam youth writes Quran with his hand in two months

17 years old Kulgam youth writes Quran with his hand in two months

A 17-year-old boy wrote a Quran with his hand in merely two months in the Kund area of south Kashmir’s Kulgam district.

Having started the Quran using some colored pencils and sketch colors, Shabir finished writing the Quran with his hand in two months.

He has spent endless nights and days working on writing the 6666-verses of Quran, divided into 114 chapters and has 77,430 words written in the Arabic language.

Studying in class 10th Shabir Ahmed Bakerwal has been the sole bread earner to his family after his father died four years ago.

Talking to The Kashmiriyat Shabir said, “I go to school sometimes and work some time to earn a livelihood for his family.”

“I wrote the Quran in 2 months and my teacher Molana Sabzar Ahmad koka and Molana Riyaz Ahmad at the Darsgah supported me to write Quran.”

I wrote the quran on the normal paper because “I do not have money to buy other kinds of paper.”

If there was a light available for me at the night I used to write in the night also, Shabir, hailing from a remote village where electricity is rare, said.

Sources: The Kashmiriyat

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