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BEI organises environmental event to celebrate reopening of school

BEI organises environmental event to celebrate reopening of school

Srinagar, Mar 1: Students of Bilaliya Educational Institute (BEI) here celebrated the first day of reopening of school as a fun filled environmental day.

“Schools have reopened after a long gap of three months and the fun back-to-school activities are must to calm the nerves, break the ice and get everyone ready for a year of learning. Some are designed to get kids to open up and talk about themselves, however at Bilaliya Educational Institute, as per its past practice the first day has been kept a fun filled environmental awareness day,” the organisers said . 

In this regard, BEI held a special event at its Lal Bazar Campus where the secretary general of KCCA&I & Convener EPG Faiz Bakshi, Executive Committee Member KCC&I & President TAAK Farooq Kuthoo and Executive Committee Member KCC&I Ishfaq participated as guests of honour. “The guests apart from being keen environment enthusiasts are recently elected in KCC&I executive body. Their participation in the event has sent a message to the community that the KCC&I is committed to creating environmental awareness and encouraging sustainable practices.’ The guests planted saplings and interacted with the students, sharing their knowledge and experiences about the importance of preserving the environment.

The management of BEI expressed gratitude towards the guests for their support in promoting environmental awareness among the students. “The first day of school was a memorable experience for the students, who were encouraged to take responsibility for their surroundings and contribute towards building a sustainable future. Students were motivated and resolved to plant at least one saplings back in their homes/gardens within one week,” they said. 

“The participation of KCC&I office bearers in the event has set an example for the community, highlighting the need to create awareness about environmental issues and take steps towards sustainable living. The event was a success, and the students of Bilaliya are now equipped with the knowledge and motivation to be environmentally responsible citizens,” they added.GK

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