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Glitches in J&K Attendance App cause disruption for teachers in Kashmir

Glitches in JK Attendance App cause disruption for teachers in Kashmir

Matter will be looked into: Advisor
Syed Rizwan Geelani

Srinagar: The recently launched JK Attendance app, which was supposed to help teachers in marking attendance of students online, has been causing a lot of inconvenience to the teaching community in the valley. The app has been experiencing technical glitches, resulting in teachers being unable to mark attendance properly.

Many teachers have reported that the app crashes frequently, and they are unable to access it at all during peak hours. This has led to delays in marking attendance and has also caused teachers to waste a lot of time trying to troubleshoot the app. Scores of teachers complained to Greater Kashmir that it was frustrating to spend hours trying to mark attendance, only to find that the app is not working properly.

As already reported, the School Education Department (SED) launched “JK Attendance App” for online attendance of teachers while a SAMIKSHA portal was launched by the J&K Samagra Shiksha to get feedback from students for their teachers and school.

The Attendance app was launched with the aim of streamlining the attendance process in schools and making it easier for teachers to maintain attendance records. However, since its launch, the app has been plagued by technical issues, leading to complaints from teachers across the valley.

"I had to stay in school till 4.30pm to enter my attendance yesterday but all of us failed do it. It is sad state of affairs that teachers have to mark their attendances on three different portals like Arrival register, Biometric and JK Attendance app," said a teacher wishing not to be named.

"It is a welcome step but what is fun when it is not working. Teachers don't have any problem with the new system of attendance but it should be in order instead of creating frustration among the teaching community," the teacher said.

The technical issues with the app have also caused problems for teachers who are marked absent even if they are present in the class. This has led to a lot of confusion and frustration among them.

Amid the technical glitches in JK Attendance App, scores of teachers have now resorted to marking attendance manually, which defeats the purpose of the app and also adds to their workload. Some have even called for the app to be scrapped altogether, citing its unreliability and the inconvenience it has caused.

While the authorities in SED are yet to resolve the issue, the teachers are hopeful of swift action to resolve the technical issues and ensure that the app works properly.

As of now, the JK Attendance app remains a source of frustration and inconvenience for the teaching community in Kashmir, who are struggling to adapt to this new system of marking attendance. The Advisor to J&K Lieutenant Governor Rajiv Rai Bhatnagar when contacted said the matter will be looked into.

"I have not personally received any such complaints yet but I will check it with the department and try to resolve the problem," the advisor told Greater Kashmir.

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