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ITI Rajouri students develop earthquake alarm for early warning signals

ITI Rajouri students develop earthquake alarm for early warning signals

Rajouri: Days after a strong earthquake shook parts of North India including Jammu and Kashmir, students of the Electrician trade at Industrial Training Institute (ITI) Rajouri, have developed an earthquake alarm model to raise the earliest warning signals for the population during an earthquake.

This earthquake alarm, as per students, can play a vital role in saving the lives of people during tremors.

Sajad Ahmed, a student of ITI Rajouri and part of a team that has created this model said that an earthquake is a dangerous natural disaster and it has taken millions of lives and prediction of this disaster is still not possible.

He said that proper awareness of safety drills and immediate safety response of people is a vital factor that can save the loss of lives during earthquakes.

“We have built an earthquake alarm model which is a circuit consisting of a metallic body, wiring network, a battery, a switch, and a buzzer (alarm),” he said.

Regarding the working of the model, Sajad said that whenever earthquake tremors are felt, the metallic body will get vibrated which will develop a signal and a buzzer will blow, raising an alarm with which people will get alerts about the earthquake.

Another team member Mohammad Shahzad said that timely response to safety by the civil population is a prerequisite to minimise loss of lives during the earthquake and this earthquake alarm can play a vital role in it.

He said that if this earthquake alarm model is replicated in society then people will come to know about earthquakes in the first second when tremor is felt and this will develop a timely safety response of people who can rush towards safe locations and this timely response will automatically minimise the loss of lives.

The female instructor who supervised the making of this model termed it a useful effort by students. Although the basic idea of this has been taken from online sources, the model has been created by students themselves in Rajouri ITI and replication of this model in “society can play a vital role during earthquakes.”

Deputy Commissioner Rajouri Vikas Kundal hailed the work of the team from ITI Rajouri.

“Students and instructors at ITI Rajouri have developed a simple yet effective earthquake warning system proving that young innovative minds can solve complex problems in a very simple way,” Vikas Kundal said. (Greater Kashmir)

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