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JKBOSE Class 12th Students Decry ‘Lengthy, Tough’ Physics Paper

Class 12 Students Decry ‘Lengthy, Tough’ Physics Paper

Srinagar, Mar 28: Scores of students from medical and non-medical streams who appeared in Physics paper on Monday last have decried the paper as ‘lengthy and tough’.

Many students called GNS throughout the day, to take up the issue with authorities concerned. The students mainly complained that their paper for Physics was lengthy and tough. “Whatever we had learnt, there was no such thing visible in the paper”, an aggrieved student said adding most of the questions were either asked in a highly tangible way or lengthy when it came to answering them.

“I know many of those who said they couldn't complete the paper in stipulated time”, he said.

With somewhat similar claims, another student said that questions were quite puzzling and time-consuming. “Questions were most difficult for average or below-average-performing students, as they could not comprehend many questions”, he said.
Remarking that if JKBOSE does not take a lenient view while evaluating the (Physics) paper, the student said there is every chance that many students will fail in the paper.

They allege that JKBOSE seems to do away with its responsibilities as the paper was ‘very difficult’ when compared with the question papers from last several past years.

Many other students expressed apprehensions that they may not get good marks in the Physics paper due to its ‘improper pattern'.

The aggrieved students unequivocally demanded that the Board should either re-conduct the examination or there should be very lenient marking of the paper as majority of the students could only attempt a few questions.

When contacted, a BOSE official said that they already have received many queries regarding the (Physics) paper. “We are working on it and will hopefully come up with some solution in the coming few days”, the official said. (GNS)

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