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Kashmiri youth updates app for Ramzan, adds feature to know Suhoor, Iftar time across world

Kashmiri youth updates app for Ramzan, adds feature to know Suhoor, Iftar time across world

Haider Ali Punjabi, a young engineer from Kashmir, who developed an app called "Iftar Kar" three years ago to tell the exact time of Iftar and Suhoor, has updated it this Ramzan, which has proved to be very useful for the people who fast.

This app can be used not only by Kashmiri but also by foreign users. He launched the Ramzan app in the year 2020 to provide timely information regarding the timing of Suhoor and Iftar during the month of Ramzan, which was developed keeping in mind the geography of the valley, but he has further upgraded this application.

Giving details about upgrading the app, he said, "My friends who are studying abroad requested me to do something so that they too can benefit from this application. He said that with the same thought, this time I have updated the app and this app will now provide users with timely information about iftar and suhoor timings based on geographical locations.

After the upgrade, timely notification of Suhoor and Iftar time can be obtained from this app in any corner of the world.

Speaking in this regard, Haider Ali Punjabi, the developer of the application, said, "In the last Ramzan, the application has recorded nearly two million views with more than 14 thousand users. He said that the Kashmiri community, especially the youth, have been using this app. compliments"

He further said that in the app named "Iftar Kar" the iftar and Suhoor calendar of Jafaria Fiqh and Ahl al-Hadith are available along with the timings issued by Darul Rahimiya.

He said that in this app, district-wise location-wise calendars of Sehri and Iftar have been upgraded, from which everyone is getting benefits.

He said that apart from this application, he is also working on an Islamic app, which will include prayer times, Quran recitation and other things.

It may be recalled that apart from Iftarkar, Hyder Ali Punjabi along with two friends Mudassar Ali and Vikas Bukhari worked on CovidKashmir.org, a website dedicated to tracking Covid-19 in J-K. Along with this, other information related to Covid was provided. (ANI)

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