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KU professors seek clarity on enhancement in retirement age

KU professors seek clarity on enhancement in retirement age

Srinagar, Feb 28: The Kashmir University (KU) professors have sought clarity from the government regarding its decision on enhancement in the retirement age of the professors.

As already reported, the government on November 23, 2022 made an announcement that the faculty of all Universities in Jammu and Kashmir will now retire at 65 instead of 62 years.

However, the University Professors said there was no clarity about when the government is scheduled to issue formal orders for the same.

“After a public announcement by the Chancellor there seems to be no progress in it officially which has left the professors confused,” a KU professor said.

He said a senior professor normally guides eight PhD scholars preferably JRF but under statutes is not allowed to function as guide one year before his superannuation.

“Around 389 JRF students in Kashmir and Jammu university alone shall face the problem of supervision as most senior teachers shall retire,” he said, adding that excessive contractualisation of jobs in a university is detrimental to National Education Policy (NEP)-2020.

The Professor urged the J&K administration and the Higher Education Department (HED) to clear confusion about the decision about enhancement of the age of professors.Greater Kashmir

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