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KU returns to ‘seniority policy’ in nomination of Deans

KU returns to ‘seniority policy’ in nomination of Deans

Prof Khurshid Ahmad is new DCDC KU

Syed Rizwan Geelani

Srinagar, Mar 1: The Kashmir University (KU) authorities have returned to “seniority policy” in nomination of Administrative Officers in accordance with the Act of the University.

On Tuesday, the VC of the University Dr Neelofer Khan appointed “senior-most’ Professor as Dean College Development Council (DCDC).

“Prof Khurshid Ahmad, Department of Commerce shall function as Dean College Development Council (DCDC) for a period of three (03) years or till he attains the age of superannuation, whichever is earlier, relieving Prof. Manzoor Ahmad Khan from the charge,” reads an order issued by the Teaching Section of the Administration.

Talking to Greater Kashmir, Dr Neelofer Khan said the nomination of DCDC was made because Prof Khurshid was the Senior-Most Professor.

The University Act mentions that the Dean College Development Council shall be appointed by the Vice Chancellor from amongst Senior-Most Professors of the University.

Prior to this, the previous regime of the University was accused of violating the seniority policy in appointment of Dean Academic Affairs and Dean Research.

Sources said even though in one of the court cases against appointment of Dean Research, the High Court said that Statutes do not confine the nomination by the VC to the Senior-Most Professor, the new Vice Chancellor has opined that the “spirit of the University Act is clear that the nomination has to be the Senior-Most Professor in queue.”

The return to the seniority policy has been appreciated by senior professors.

“Earlier also all Vice Chancellors followed the seniority list but midway the routine was broken for unknown reasons by the previous administration,” said one Senior Professor, wishing anonymity. He alleged that such violations of the Act were more due to personal liking and disliking of authorities because of which many court cases took place.

“Since VC has now returned to seniority policy, it is worth appreciation because Universities are not run on the basis of personal likings and disliking,” said another Professor. “Henceforth also the authorities should follow the seniority policy in all such appointments.”

The academicians said that by following the seniority policy, the new VC has sent a strong message to “vested interests” that the University will be run strictly as per the rules and regulations in the University Act. Greater Kashmir

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