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Mahira Shah, an aspiring young mandala artist from Pinglish Tral

Mahira Shah, an aspiring young mandala artist from Pinglish Tral

The young people of Kashmir valley continue to exhibit exhilarating performances every single day, especially in the field of sports, writing, education, and art, so that they remain enthused to take the lead in their fields and take their respective careers to new heights.

Mahira Shah, a young artist from the Pinglish village of Tral in South Kashmir, has demonstrated exceptional Mandala art skills in her performance.

Having made the smallest Shikara through mandala arts recently, Mahira said that her name has been finalised for the title of India Book of Records, which is expected to be given to her once the final content is completed.

Expressing gratitude to her parents and husband for their support, Mahira explained, she used to do calligraphy work as well, and has been receiving orders for her artwork.

”Parental support is crucial, and girls can succeed in any career they choose”, according to Mahira.

“I believe that parents should share their knowledge and experience with their children, just like my father did for me. There is more work that needs to be done in Mandala art and I am determined to continue the work,” Mahira said.

Source: Daily Arising State

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