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Man Bagged a job after applying to over 150 companies in 8 months

Man Bagged a job after applying to over 150 companies in 8 months

Delhi: A man in Delhi recently bagged a job after facing rejection from more than 150 companies in eight months. Software engineer blamed the layoffs in the tech industry for making things more difficult than usual for job seekers. And, he may not be the only one who has had to struggle to find a new job with big tech companies such as Amazon, Meta, and Google laying off thousands of jobs in the wake of a recession and market uncertainty.

Taking to LinkedIn, Farhan shared how he found it more difficult to get a job after he had some work experience compared to the time when he was looking for opportunities as a fresh graduate. "It's been a tough time for the tech industry cause of the layoffs," he wrote. "I faced hundreds of rejections during this time for various reasons. I had been on a job search since July 2022. I was surprised that getting a job despite being experienced was difficult compared to when I was a fresh graduate."

Explaining the process, Farhan added that he "applied to 150+ companies, got response from about 10 of them and interviews scheduled at 6 companies".

He cleared all rounds and had a final interview scheduled at Amazon's Scotland office but soon, a hiring freeze was announced. Farhan also made his way into Google India's recruitment process before being rejected in one of the rounds.

The Delhi resident, who had earlier worked with Zomato, then tried his luck with three mid-sized startups, but in vain. The companies, Farhan said, "ditched" him after final round of interviews due to hiring budget issues. He added that these issues were brought up by the companies after they made him work for more than 60 hours on "take home assignments".

Things, however, finally worked out for him in February when an online marketplace hired him.

Ending his note with a view from his office window, Farhan shared that the only intention to write the post was to acknowledge that things are not working as they were in the past and it would take extra efforts to get a job. "If you're also on a job search and especially if you're a fresh graduate looking to start your career then don't get discouraged... You have to constantly work on your skills and make meaningful connections. Just do your work, give your best and leave the rest to God."

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